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    Guided by the following strategies: defining the main objective in order to satisfy the company's urgent need for talents demand as its main target; taking the opportunity to implement the major talent project as the starting point, leading the main direction by personnel selection, training, usage, assessment and incentive; establishing the talent selection and cultivation mechanism; establishing the training system; improving the talent incentive mechanisms and guaranteeing to achieve the human resources strategic objectives.

    • Payroll system

      To cooperate with the enterprise development strategies, associate the operation or performance of individuals and the company, adhere to budget management and control system of the payroll, and combine the features of employee's professional career development.

    • Growth space

      Four major promotion levels, vertical grading and horizontal correspondence with multichannel development.

    • Training concept

      Conduct unified planning based on the development strategies and management objectives of group company, and teach as required while learning with an application purpose, thus achieving enhancement of enterprise and individuals together.

    • Training system

      The second grade education and training system features an hierarchical management of headquarters and subsidiaries, layered implementation, division of labor and cooperation. Four broad categories of the internal and external training and entry training, incumbency raining, special training, and general training.

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