About us

    Our Culture

    1.Use the Chinese pinyin letter F and M to form the horse pattern by abstraction and transformation processing;

    2.The triangular, circular and binding face element in the icon fully embodies the characteristics of machinery industry, it gives Foma the meaning of focusing on manufacturing and service of machinery and equipment;

    3.The triangle and thick lines conveys the concept of people-oriented ideas, stable development foundation for and dominance in business area of Foma;

    4.Green, blue and red represent the ecology, science and technology and the rising sun, indicating the development vigor and increasing momentum of Foma's main business.

    • Core values: Human orientation, Value, Responsibility

      Human orientation: First of all, Foma is in the mechanical manufacturing and service industries, essentially, it is a sublime undertaking that uses machines to replace the labor and free human from manual labor, thus realizing free development and better standard of living; secondly, Foma sets the staff development and interests as the basic goals.

    • Enterprise Vision: World-class machinery and equipment manufacturer and integrated service provider

      Interpretation: Foma is committed to become an international first-rate mechanical equipment manufacturer and integrated service provider, Foma will cultivate first-rate team, grasp the first-rate technologies, exercise the first-rate managementimplementation, and create first-rate products and services, and constantly go beyond itself to achieve a new leap forward and reach a new height.

    • Enterpreneurship: Harmony, Advancement, Innovation and Self-dependence

      Harmony: a harmonious and open minded atmosphere within the company to promote the development of staff and enterprise; the company should maintain a harmonious relationship with customers and interested parties promoting a win-win cooperation, while willingly fulfilling their social responsibilities; the company's products and services should conform to the requirements of environmental protection and ecological civilization construction to promote green growth and scientific development.

      Advancement: all staff view the company's vision as their main goal, striving for progress, excellence, while keeping a high morale.

      Innovation: the company should adhere to comprehensive and continuous innovations and encourage and promote creative thinking, continuously emancipating the mind and innovate the development concept, expanding the development approach, and bringing in a new situation of enterprise development and employee growth.

      Self-dependence: start with oneself, stay enthusiastic in achieving greatness, be bold in confronting challenges, excellent competence of the staff and strong enterprise strengths are key to guarantee achievement of the enterprise vision.

    • Business policy: Cohesion & Transcendence, Professionalism & Quality

      Cohesion & transcendence: In order to form composite force between employees and enterprises, between subsidiaries, corporation and SINOMACH, between the enterprise and customers, interested parties and all walks of social forces, be good at accumulating, borrowing, and creating cohesive force, thus forming a powerful joint force for the development of enterprises. Based on the existing development, and constantly strive to go beyond oneself, beyond one’s peers, and beyond the customers’ needs.

      Professionalism & quality: to provide excellent quality and professional services with the professional team spirit, excellent workmanship, dedicated attitude, thus creating an excellent brand and building an excellent enterprise.

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