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Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Linhai Co., Ltd. as the main body, has built a national level enterprise technology center and the national post doctoral scientific research workstation. Main products are ATV, UTV etc. and special vehicles; tractors; motorcycles and motorcycle engines and electric vehicles; general gasoline engine and a small gasoline generator, pump, chainsaw, wind fire extinguisher, brush cutter and other small power auxiliary machinery (including forestry machinery, garden machinery, fire prevention, mechanical etc.); new energy vehicles, the level of product quality in the leading domestic level, and China Quality Association user committee has been identified as "national customer satisfaction product"

The company is currently the only large-scale national forestry equipment in the field of national enterprises, is also the chairman of China Forestry Machinery Association unit. Company has domestic capacity is the strongest professional manufacturing base, with a full supply capacity, rich manufacturing performance and perfect management system and provide artificial board production line complete sets of equipment, forest harvesting machinery, garden machinery, woodworking tools such as products, including sanding machine, hot mill, cutting machine and other products sales in China first.

Based on our advantages of forestry machinery design, R&D and manufacture, it is specialized in the engineering design, project development and operation on the overall industrial chain of the forestry sector, devoted itself to engage in the cooperation with countries and regions with rich forestry resources in the world, acquiring renewable raw materials, setting up forestry processing parks on the basis of scientific planning and plantations so as to proceed comprehensive utilizations of forestry products and increase the value-added to the forestry products, and providing ideas, technology, equipment and services to the local communities, promoting the local economic development to the regions focusing on the forestry sector.

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